About These Walks

This website is aimed at people who like to get outdoors and walk from time to time as a means of exercising and unwinding.

It is not particularly intended for hardcore ramblers who want the whole OS map, socks-over-the-trousers, cagoule, Nordic walking pole, and Kendal Mint Cake experience. These walks won't be long enough for you.

The walks listed on these pages are more along the lines of: Go for a drive to a pleasant spot; go for a not very long walk, and then find somewhere to chow-down afterwards.

Accordingly, each of the listed walks gives directions to a place to park, suggestions on where to walk, and in most cases a place to have a cup of coffee or a meal when it's all over.

Picture of parking space at Rowney Warren
Parking places indicated for each walk.

There are also videos showing what is at each location, and PDFs to download and print off in the event that you can't be bothered to write down the details supplied.

Despite the name of the website, not all of the walks are in Bedfordshire, some are in neighbouring counties - there's only so much you can say with a domain name.

Whether a place gets included comes down to what we consider is an acceptable driving distance from where we happen to live, in Luton. But that's too long for a domain name.

We anticipate continually adding places to visit/walk to this website as we go along, but if you know of somewhere that we have missed please tell us and we will try to get around to adding it.

Thanks for dropping by. I hope that this website is helpful to you.

Paul Gallimore