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Batford Springs

Description and Walk

Batford Springs is very popular with children and their parents due to the shallow streams that are formed from chalk springs. This means that the water is exceptionally clean and inviting. In addition, there’s a couple of small weirs that are designed to be walked across without too much risk of tumbling into the water. There’s a nice children’s play area there too.

If you follow the path along by the stream you can find your way to the River Lea, which borders open fields. There is plenty of wildlife on view, including herons and kingfishers if you are lucky.

During our visit we made our way up and over an old railway bridge and followed a path past a pub and back onto the nature reserve. You can see what that looks like if you watch the video, below.

Batford Springs is an ideal spot for a picnic when the weather is good.

Short Video of Batford Springs

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Parking address: Lower Luton Road, Batford, Harpenden, Hertfordshire, AL5 5AH. This is via a largish layby on the side of the Lower Luton Road.

If the layby places are taken use your satnav to find Marquis Lane or Station Road, which is at the back of the springs, and offers another entry point.

Google Map

Layby in Lower Luton Road

Layby parking right by the springs.

Batford Springs layby parking

Way in by the layby.

Place/s to Eat

We have never been, but The Gibraltar Castle looks nice enough and has the advantage of being directly opposite the Batford Springs layby.

Address:  The Gibraltar Castle, Lower Luton Rd, Harpenden AL5 5AH

Tel: 01582 460005

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The Gibraltar Castle pub.

Further Information

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Managed by Harpenden council volunteers, here.

The Gibraltar Castle here.

Google map here.

PDF with details

The pdf, below, contains address and parking location details similar to the ones on this page. Print out the pdf file if you want something to carry with you. Pdf opens in a new tab.