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Blue Lagoon - Bletchley

Description and Walk

The Blue Lagoon is another nature reserve that owes its existence to being a former excavation site; this time for The London Brick company. Quarrying ceased there in the 1990s.

The site is now owned and maintained by the Milton Keynes council. Our impression when we visited in 2019 was that they could be making a slightly better job of it, as parts seemed a little rundown and unkempt.

That said, as a nature reserve it can be argued that lack of interference with growing things is the way to go.

The Blue Lagoon gets it name from the appearance of the water, which can be particularly blue in the right light conditions.

The video shows the two main lakes that are there. The larger one, which is over 60 feet deep, is frequently used as a training site for local divers – see video, below.

Plant and animal life are abundant. We came face to face with a fox when we were there. Glimpses of muntjac deer and grass snakes are also known to be common.

Short Video of The Blue Lagoon

Note: The video is best viewed by clicking on the 'full screen' symbol that appears at the bottom-right of the video box once the video is playing. To exit full-screen hit your escape key or click on the symbol at the bottom-right again.


Parking address: Drayton Road, Bletchley, Milton Keynes, MK2 3EL.

Parking is found by turning off Drayton road and passing under a railway bridge - see below. There is a sign on Drayton Road indicating that the nature reserve is there.

Google Map

Entrance is off Drayton Road.

Entrance is just off Drayton Road.

Parking area at the blue lagoon.

Parking area generally meets demand.

Place/s to Eat

The Three Trees pub is fairly closeby and offers indoor and outdoor dining.

Address:  144 Buckingham Road, Bletchley, Milton Keynes, MK3 5JB

Tel: 01908 366816


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The Terranove Restaurant.

Further Information

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The Three Trees pub Here.

Google map here.

PDF with details

The pdf, below, contains address and parking location details similar to the ones on this page. Print out the pdf file if you want something to carry with you. Pdf opens in a new tab.