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Paxton Pits Nature Reserve

Description and Walk

Paxton pits has been a gravel quarrying area for some centuries, and quarrying work is done near the site of the nature reserve even today. As with many former quarries the pits left behind from the excavations have been filled with water to create a site of natural beauty, and a wildlife habitat.

According to the Paxton Pits' Google listing:

Paxton Pits Nature Reserve is a rich mosaic of wildlife habitats covering 78 hectares of lakes, riverside, meadow, reedbed, scrub and woodland. It is situated in the Great Ouse valley between St Neots and Huntingdon, and run by the Friends of Paxton Pits and Huntingdonshire District Council.

Our video, below, shows a circular walk which takes about 1 hr 20 mins, but there are several trails to follow, and you can walk for longer or for less time as you choose.

The Visitor Centre supplies free way-marked guides.

We highly recommend Paxton Pits as a place to visit.

Short Video of Paxton Pits

Note: The video is best viewed by clicking on the 'full screen' symbol that appears at the bottom-right of the video box once the video is playing. To exit full-screen hit your escape key or click on the symbol at the bottom-right again.


Parking is Free.

Parking address: Paxton Pits Nature Reserve, High Street, Little Paxton, St Neots, Cambs, PE19 6ET.

Paxton Pits has its own free parking area, which can occasionally get full on a warm, busy day. However, there is plenty of space just outside in Little Paxton High Street where there are no yellow lines.

Google Map (opens in a new tab)

Paxton Pits car park - can get busy.

Can also park just outside in the High Street

Place/s to Eat

There is limited catering in the Visitors Centre; tea and a KitKat, that type of thing. If you’re heading back to Bedfordshire on the A1 there is a good cafe/restaurant at the Roxton Garden Centre: Bedford Rd, Roxton, Bedford MK44 3DY.

Paxton Pits Visitor Centre

There is limited catering available at the nature reserve.

Further Information

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Huntingdonshire District Council's page here.

Friends of Paxton Pits here.

Google map here.

PDF with details

The pdf, below, contains address and parking location details similar to the ones on this page. Print out the pdf file if you want something to carry with you. Pdf opens in a new tab.