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College Lake Tring

Description and Walk

College Lake Tring (Hertfordshire) is actually a couple of miles north of Tring and instead sits within the boundary of Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire - it seems. Whatever, I've decided that Hertfordshire can have it for now.

This is a 65 hectare former chalk quarry and, I suspect, teems with wildlife in the spring, especially those that require a wet habitat. Our only two visits have been off-peak and slightly disappointing in respect of spotting critters, though we did manage a weasel on the last occassion.

The walk around the footpath, which looks down upon the lake below, includes 2-3 hides for birdwatchers and photographers, as well as some old farm machinery to sit and ponder.

There are sufficient benches for those who need to rest at intervals and there is a decent cafe at the end of the walk. The nature reserve is well looked after by enthusiastic volunteers.

Short Video of College Lake

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Parking is nominally Free. However, they do suggest a contribution of £4 towards the upkeep on your first visit, and it's a bit hard to shrug it off when you have to pass volunteers manning the entrance.

Parking address:

Upper Icknield Way, Bulbourne, Tring, Buckinghamshire, HP23 5QG. It's a turn off Upper Icknield Way and has its own car park which is probably adequate for the busiest of days.

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Car Park

Entrance after the car park

Place/s to Eat

College Lake has its own cafeteria with indoor and outdoor seating - picture below. Alternatively, just a few hundred yards away in Bulbourne Road is the Tring Garden Centre which is pretty good.

Address: Bulbourne Rd, Tring HP23 5HF

Tel: 01442 891393


Further Information

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