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Sharpenhoe Clappers

Description and Walk

No obvious set walk here, you just tend to follow the path upwards towards the higher ground then wander where you want. The highest point is wooded, but you can make your way out to the fields from which you have views over the land below. You can easily spend an hour or more at Sharpenhoe Clappers just strolling around.

Directly across the road from the Clappers car park is an entrance to the Moleskin and Smithcombe Hills. We’ve never walked that way ourselves, so have no comment to offer other than what Wikipedia has to say: ‘Smithcombe, Sharpenhoe and Sundon Hills is an 86.1 hectare Site of Special Scientific Interest in Sharpenhoe in Bedfordshire. Most of it is a National Trust property comprising Sundon Hills, Moleskin and Markham Hills, Sharpenhoe Clappers and Smithcombe Hills.’

Also according to Wikipedia: ‘Clappers are rabbit warrens (from the French “clapier”). Meat, fur and leather from rabbits used to be an important part of the local economy.’ Now you know.

Short Video of Sharpenhoe Clappers

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Parking is Free.

Parking address: Near 349 Sharpenhoe Rd, Sharpenhoe, Bedfordshire MK45 4SH.

There is a reasonably-sized free car park available which is capable of accommodating typical visitor numbers for the Clappers on most days. Although a street address is given, above, the number is only to help your sat nav approximate to where the entrance is. The car park entrance is about halfway along the Sharpenhoe Road and is not near to houses. You have to keep an eye out for it.

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Sharpenoe Clappers Parking

Keep your eyes open for the entrance.

Sharpenoe Clappers Parking

Car park is usually adequate for visitor numbers.

Place/s to Eat

You could try The Chequers, which is at the Streatley end of the Sharpenhoe road. The Chequers Streatley, 171 Sharpenhoe Road, Streatley Bedfordshire, LU3 3PS. Or with a short trip back to the outskirts of Luton on the A6 you could visit the Warden Beefeater at: The Warden, 129 Barton Rd, Luton LU3 2BL.

The Chequers in Streatley Bedfordshire

Further Information

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Nathional Trust page here.

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PDF with details

The pdf, below, contains address and parking location details similar to the ones on this page. Print out the pdf file if you want something to carry with you. Pdf opens in a new tab.